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New efficient transmission – Power Drive 370

The innovative drive Power Drive 370 is a variable hydrostatic transmission, which achieves higher tractive forces and travel speeds than the solutions developed until now, and that too retaining all the advantages of the previous drive systems in terms of compactness, energy efficiency and operator comfort. This drive is installed in 9080 and 9080T.

Technical background.

An infinitely variable hydrostatic high-performance travel drive was realised with the help of an inclined-axis motor with a variable displacement volume of 370 cm³ and a 45° wide-angle adjustment range The Power Drive 370 drive is also characterized by compact design. This was possible by combining the hydraulic motor and transmission in an extremely compact housing unit, which enables the transmission of driving power up to 130 kW. The implementation of such high driving performance with a classic hydrostatic drive (1-engine design) is quite unique and has so far only been achieved with our new development.

In addition to the positive characteristics known for hydrostatic drives, such as simple reversing, precision control, inching and brake force support, the wide conversion range of 45° technology also allows the entire speed range from 0 to 40 km/h to be traversed without switching. This offers a very high driving comfort for the end user, since neither tractive effort interruptions nor shift jerking occur. For the end user this offers a comfortable, steady quality of driving and a harmonious noise development.

One more major advantage is the energy efficiency of the 1-motor system. Couplings and other switch elements can be completely dispensed with, due to the fact that no switching operation of a gear stage or a second hydraulic motor is necessary. Thus, no drag losses occur on open couplings or freely rotating hydraulic motors. In addition to efficiency advantages, this also offers positive effects in terms of robustness, service and costs of the whole drive.

The Power Drive 370 transmission is available in the following machines: