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The Weidemann driver assist system vls (Vertical Lift System)


A better workflow with certainty.


The vls (Vertical Lift System) has already been well proven in the field of agriculture – our innovation has won several (also international) awards: including the silver DLG Innovation Award in 2011, the EIMA Technical Innovation Prize in 2012 and the Equitana Innovation Award in 2013. These prizes show us how important the topic of safety is viewed and evaluated.

The vls (Vertical Lift System) makes a fluid working principle possible and, through a partially automated telescoping movement, supports the work in a complex operating environment. The machine’s stability is improved with the approximate vertical lifting and lowering movements. The fluid working principle, the avoidance of a reduced lowering speed for safety reasons and the easier machine operation increase the machine's handling capacity. Experienced operators can work even faster and safer with the vls. Inexperienced operators receive valuable support for lifting and loading work. The vls function takes effect when lifting and lowering with the telehandlers T4108, T4512 and T5522. With the T6025, the vls was realised with the lowering function for safety reasons.

vls has received several international awards!

Winner of the silver DLG Innovation Award

Winner of the Eima Innovation Award

Winner of the Equitana Innovation Award

The vls (Vertical Lift System) is installed in the following machines: