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An idyllic harbour in the middle of Berlin

The Citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg offers a quiet berth as well as good supply options for boats and ships on the Spree.

In addition to supplying the crew in the restaurant or with a hot shower, the company also offers various services for the boat / ship. The harbour master got help from Weidemann for this. The Citymarina thus offers, for example, the ability to put in the water and take out boats up to 3.5 tonnes using their own trailer ramp.

The harbour master Valerian Dahmen and his Weidemann T5522 provide help here for the boat owners. "In the past, we put the boats in the water with a tractor", explains Valerian Dahmen, "but the starter motor regularly burned out on us because it got wet". So we finally looked for a suitable alternative to the tractor. Since Valerian Dahmen knew how to handle telehandlers from previous jobs, he suggested this machine to his boss and then came upon the Weidemann.

"Due to the compact size of the telehandler, my boss at first could not believe that the T5522 provides the power we need", says the trained boat builder. But he was completely convinced after a demonstration on site. The possibility of receiving the telehandler painted in their own company colours was also a special incentive to buy. And so the Weidemann became a very special image of the company. The purchase of the Weidemann T5522 also brings additional advantages for the marina: last year, a high-rack warehouse was built to store spare parts, etc. The Hafenküche restaurant and the bus business also belonging to the company use this machine frequently. The telehandler therefore does not only replace the tractor for the trailer ramp, but also makes the forklift superfluous. "We ordered the pallet fork with three prongs. One is always equipped with a ball hitch coupling for manoeuvring the boat trailer". In the winter, the Weidemann will then also be used during winter service on the grounds.

The Citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg is located on the grounds of Hafen & Hof. The location is suitable for private, commercial and sports boats, and is well equipped for all needs. Boats up to 3.5 tonnes can be slipped via the trailer ramp. In addition to water for showering and the bathrooms, it is also possible to bring fresh water on board or to dispose of trash water. The berths are equipped with electricity meters. Small repairs can be performed directly on site via a subcontractor. In addition to private piers, the boat renter is also home to Spree boats in the harbour. The Hafenküche restaurant is located directly on the water, which also does catering for the rental boats. You have an undisturbed view of the Spree from the beer garden.