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Ideal for municipalities

These days, municipalities offer their citizens a broad range of services. This requires correct and efficient tools. It is now more important than ever to make the right decisions when it comes to acquiring new machines. Weidemann machines have been successful in municipal application for decades. The perfect combination of man, machine and tool has top priority at Weidemann. The sophisticated product range is convenient, safe and economical at the same time.

Multitool thought

Your Weidemann machine becomes a true all-rounder with a variety of different attachments. They can be used in many different areas: Transport work, landscape maintenance, maintaining paved areas, winter service, applications on the building yard, in cemeteries and in city nurseries can be taken care of easily.

Working ergonomics

In the development of the Weidemann machines, working ergonomics plays a crucial role – with spacious cabins with ideal all-round visibility, through operator's controls that are easily accessible and largely self-explanatory, even for changing operators. The working environment is excellent, thanks to an efficiently working heating and ventilation system. For particularly hot outdoor temperatures, we recommend the air conditioning.

Activities and applications in municipalities

Here are some examples of how and for what a Weidemann machine can be used.

  • Transport work

    Transporting various goods and materials is one of the most frequent activities that the Weidemann machine helps you with. Attachments, such as pallet forks or various buckets, are used in the process. Physically strenuous manual labour becomes superfluous and you benefit from significant time savings.

  • Stacking work

    Moving heavy cargo at height and stacking are no problem – simply adjust your Weidemann machine in size and performance to the respective work task. We came up with something particularly innovative for stacking work with our telehandlers: the driver assistance system vls (Vertical Lift System) supports the operator with a partially-automated telescoping movement.

  • Loading work

    The overhead loading height, stability and manoeuvrability play a crucial role during loading work. The Weidemann product range offers you machine series in graded performance classes and the respective appropriate attachments, no matter whether you would like to load bulk goods or general cargo. Also no problem: reaching the rear row of the loading areas and therefore being able to load and unload lorries from one side.

  • Trailer operation

    Use the Weidemann machine as a tractor – this is very easily possible, for example, with the model 1380 and the trailer that is matched to this in size and payload. With a pairing width of 1.04 m, it can also be used to drive on narrow paths and to work in green spaces or parks at any time, for example.

  • Winter service – moving snow and spreading salt

    Weidemann machines can be equipped with various snow blades and rear spreaders, depending on the model. This gives you valuable support in winter service to keep paths and squares free of snow and ice.

  • Winter service – snow blower

    A snow blower is ideal for clearing large amounts of snow. You will be able to adjust to the local conditions at any time with the variable ejection range regulation. The snow blower can be conveniently operated by joystick on the Weidemann machines.

  • Cleaning roads & paths

    Weidemann machines can be equipped with various sweeping machines, weed brooms, high-pressure cleaners or sweepers in order to remove dirt of any kind. In this way, you can quickly and easily keep different public areas clean.

  • Moving green waste

    You can safely move and unload bush and tree cuttings with the crate rotating unit with the matching waste container without leaving anything behind. You can access any area that is only accessible on narrow paths with the small compact Weidemann machines.

  • Green space maintenance

    One of the main municipal tasks is maintaining green spaces, which have to be mowed regularly. The Weidemann machine combined with a rotary mower, mulcher or a flail mower with collecting tray is recommended here.

  • Cleaning work

    With the mobile high-pressure cleaner, you can work anywhere on site, independent of a water connection. Depending on the machine size, you can use the cleaner from 280 up to 1120 litres tank capacity. Optionally, paths can be cleaned with a spray bar, for example, or walls or vertical surfaces can be sprayed with the powerful manual nozzle.

  • Trimming hedges, bushes and trees

    Also use a Weidemann machine to trim hedges, bushes and trees: a double-knife mower (brush), rear trimmers (for branches up to 25 mm in thickness) or a pruning saw (40 to 100 mm branch thickness) are available for this purpose.

  • Repair work

    With the working platform, you can work safely at any height, for example for repair and maintenance on buildings or street lighting, but also for hanging Christmas lights. The load capacity of up to 250 kg is sufficient for 2 people and tools.

Video – Weidemann machines in application

In the videos, you can see different Weidemann machines in municipal use.

Best practice – reference reports

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