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  • Explosive ordinance clearing in the 21st century.

    At the Nolte explosive ordnance clearance service, the compact T4512 supports the very large machines in use. Since 2018, a T4512 has been part of the machine fleet of Nolte Services GmbH from Everswinkel, which specialises in explosive ordnance clearance. The team of highly qualified specialists operates in the Ruhr area and all of Germany.

  • Nearly 35,000 hours and still not even a little tired.

    Six Weidemann machines do their daily service at the agricultural cooperative e. G. Königswalde. 34,716 hours – this is the interim status of the service life that the Weidemann 3002 D/P has performed in the time between 1994 and 2019. After it first came to be used on a construction site, the agricultural cooperative e. G. Königswalde bought the reliable wheel loader in 1997 to be used in cattle sheds.

  • The Schwillach Maypole Friends and the Hoftrac meeting.

    Hoftrac® meeting during the may pole watch. The first Hoftrac® meeting was launched in 2009 by Hubert Rappold, the division head of the Schwillach Maypole Friends. The Schwillach Maypole Friends are a division of the Schüzengesellschaft Schwillachtal e. V. Unterschwillach.

  • Bavarian inn culture with Weidemann.

    On 9 December 2007 after 7 and a half months of construction time by the Fischer family, the “Fischers Mohrenplatz” inn in Garmisch-Partenkirchen opened up. In the inner building, the inn has over 250 seats. Outside in the adjacent beer garden, there are more than 450 seats.

  • A broad application range on the farm – Weidemann to the power of four!!

    The building yard at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen market is located on the outskirts of town. One special feature of the building yard is the Weidemann fleet of four machines, which were purchased in the last three years: two compact 1280s, one 1380 and one 4080LPT.

  • Hoftrac with room for a sofa bed.

    The new Weidemann 1280 of the Danish housing association ALBOA is used in a variety of ways. It was a little bit like inspecting a new flat when the head caretaker Rasmus Andersen of the housing association ALBOA in Aarhus, Denmark had to choose a new farm loader: The loader had to at least have space to hold a sofa.

  • Three arguments in favour of Weidemann: Multi-tasking, manoeuvrability, stability.

    Johann Bez runs the EARL du CERNIER, a 96 hectare farm on the Doubs river near Pontarlier in France. Located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m, the property consists mainly of natural meadows and pastures.

  • A really good catch: The 1160 eHoftrac at the Fishery Institute.

    The Fishery Institute of the Bavarian Regional Office of Agriculture is based in picturesque Starnberg. The main tasks of the institute include sustainably ensuring both the natural basis for life and the biological diversity of fish, as well as to conduct practical research related to fish. In addition, the tasks include the training, continuing education and adult education on inland fishing with about 700 course participants per year. The institute employs a total of 35 workers.

  • Weidemann in the land of incense cones.

    The Erzgebirge [Ore Mountains] are the home of incense cones. Mikro Paul has been operating the “Räucherkerzenland” [Incense Cone Land] in Crottendorf since 2017, where he would like to rehabilitate the tradition of making incense cones and develop it for tourism. It is a family attraction, which was built from the start with help from Weidemann.

  • Innovative technology for an innovative concept.

    There is an absolute paradise for horses and riders at the riding facility Gut Heinrichshof in Kleinröhrsdorf. Gut is widely known for its modern open stable concept.