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Our readers report

In Weidemann Magazine, we encourage our readers to share their personal experiences with their Weidemann machine and to send us pictures of interesting assignments. In the current issue, we present a small number of reader submissions that have reached us. We say: Thank you very much for the numerous entries!

Valuable services every day! Readers' letter from Oliver Grünig, fenaco Genossenschaft

Machine: T4512 (year of manufacture 2014)

Area of application: Unloading of machine parts, loading of green waste and leaves, lifting of manhole covers, filling of large troughs, coarse cleaning of streets and squares

Attachments: Light material shovel, crate turner, snow plough, salt shaker...

Location: fenaco company in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

"The ‘Weidi’, as we affectionately call it, is in daily use as a forklift, towing or transport vehicle. In just under three years, our Weidi has worked an average of 210 hours a year. In winter, together with the Vario snow plough and salt spreader, it is a fully-fledged winter maintenance vehicle. We have had very good experiences with our T4512. Due to its manoeuvrability and size, we were already able to use it in buildings, as it also fits in our goods lift with its low dead weight. We would not like to do without the services of this very versatile machine. She does valuable work for us every day."

Little Weidemann fans are big! Readers' letter from Hanke & Heike Bohlen

Machines: 3080T and 1160

Area of application: Filling of the mixing wagon, sprinkling, dunging, stacking and loading of goods

Location: Dairy farm in Osterholz- Scharmbeck, Germany

"Both machines fulfil their promises and are easy to handle and reliable. We use the Weidemänner mainly to fill our mixing wagon to feed our 450 cows every day. Everything else that can be done with the machine, we do with it, of course."

An indispensable machine! Readers' letter from Beate and Johannes Uetermeier

Machine: 1160 (year of manufacture 2012)

Area of application: Mowing, logging, cutting trees, loading wood chips and pallets

Attachments: Sweeper, cutterbar, snow blade, work basket and a crocodile bit

Location: Verl, Germany

"In 2015 and 2016 I had the honour of driving the harvest crown at the harvest festival in Liemke. Also this year our Weidemann was decorated for Thanksgiving Sunday. The 1160 is used in everyday life for various jobs on our farm. It has become an indispensable machine for us."

Everyday life can no longer be imagined without it! Readers' letter from Lisa Färber

Machines: 1240 (year of manufacture 2004) and T5522 (year of manufacture 2014)

Area of application: Various work on the subject of loading and unloading as well as agricultural activities. In winter we free the roads from ice and snow with our big Weidemann. In autumn they are already used for other purposes than pumpkin harvesting.

Attachments: Light material shovel, snow blade, riding arena planner, auger, work basket, crocodile bit, pallet fork

Location: Fuchsstadt, Germany

"It is impossible to imagine everyday life without our Weidemänner. They are a practical work tool and above all a great work-load reduction - no matter what kind of work it is. Our 1240 is simply irreplaceable and indestructible. Before the T5522 we had a T4512. But because it became too small, we switched to the larger model. Both work perfectly!"