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The specialists for the corn silo

Weidemann machines are widely used in agriculture – what could be more natural than its application in biogas plans, which has become nearly a matter of course in recent years. If a machine is already on the farm, you certainly like to utilize its full potential and, with the right attachments, the operations for biogas plants can be covered as well.

Thanks to the promotion of renewable energy, the construction and operation of biogas plants is now widespread – for many farmers, it is a good source of additional income in addition to the agricultural focus of the operation.

A powerful wheel loader or telehandler is already ideal for use when constructing biogas plants. The daily filling of the plant and the removal from the corn silo can be easily taken care of with a machine of the suitable size. As a multi-tool, the machines can also be used when cleaning fortified silos, for transporting canvases and loading materials as well as for other maintenance work "on the plate".

Activities and applications dealing with the biogas plant

Discover the possibilities with some examples.

  • Emptying silos

    The lifting height, stability and turning radius are decisive for emptying the silo. Different sized biogas plants can be operated with the right machine with the comprehensive machine product range from Weidemann.

  • Filling systems

    The introduction of solids is one of the tasks in a biogas plant that occurs several times daily. Depending on the machine size, Weidemann offers you a variety of different buckets, grippers and tongs, which are suitable for filling the system. The manoeuvrability and various overhead loading heights of the Weidemann machines offer a real added value here.

  • Transport work

    All things that need to be transported on a biogas plant can be moved with a Weidemann machine. You can pick up and lift the transport goods absolutely securely with the right attachments, such as a pallet fork, various buckets or grippers. The lifting height and stability play a crucial role for stocking the shelf systems.

  • Cleaning

    Weidemann machines can be equipped with various sweeping machines, weed brooms, high-pressure cleaners or sweepers in order to remove dirt of any kind. The silo plate can cleaned quickly and easily, especially with an easy-to-attach pushing broom. In this way you always keep your production facility clean and ensure an efficient operation.

  • Plot maintenance

    There are green areas at every biogas plant, which must be mowed regularly. The Weidemann machine combined with a rotary mower, mulcher or a flail mower with collecting tray is recommended here. A pruning saw, rear trimmers or double-knife mower are also available here for trimming hedges, bushes and trees.

  • Winter service

    Weidemann machines can be equipped with various snow blades and rear spreaders, depending on the model. This gives you valuable support in winter service to keep the grounds and access roads free of snow and ice.

Video – Weidemann machines in application

The T6027 can be seen in application in the video here on an agricultural farm with a biogas plant.

Best practice – reference reports

Take a look at practical examples of our customers who are successfully using Weidemann machines.

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