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Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T with grab bucket application 1
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T grab bucket studio view 1
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T with grab bucket application 2
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T earth bucket studio view 2
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T earth bucket studio view 3
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T with grab bucket application 1
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T grab bucket studio view 1
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T with grab bucket application 2
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T earth bucket studio view 2
Weidemann tele wheel loader 9580T earth bucket studio view 3

Weidemann in the heavyweight class.

The 90 series machines were designed to handle particularly heavy materials - as found, for example, permanently working in large plants and biogas facilities, in silos or with a large number of big bales. Machines of this size also prove their worth in the recycling sector, industrial operations, and in municipal use. They can work efficiently and sustainably in conjunction with the latest engine technology (level V). Climb aboard!

The Weidemann benefits at a glance

New powerful transmission

The Power Drive 370 (PD 370) is a variable hydrostatic transmission which achieves higher tractive forces and travel speeds than the solutions developed until now, and that while retaining all the advantages of the previous drive systems in terms of compactness, energy efficiency and operator comfort. The Power Drive 370 enables operators to accelerate up to speeds of 40 km/h without shifting gear. This enables comfortable driving since there are no tractive force interruptions or shifting jerks.

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Variety in the outfitting

The Weidemann tele wheel loaders feature comprehensive and sturdy standard equipment. Depending on application, the engine, drive, driver's cab, and hydraulics can be individually configured. Your Weidemann is always custom-made.

A multi-tool for various applications

Regardless of whether you are feeding, stacking, sweeping, mucking out or transporting: Thanks to the various attachments, your Weidemann becomes a universal multi-tool.

Excellent all-round visibility

The fully glazed cabin is spacious and features considerable headroom and legroom. This provides an excellent overview of the attachments, the immediate working area, and the entire machine surroundings. Naturally, the cab also fulfils the current European Machine Directive (2006/42/EC) on Roll Over Protection System and FOPS protection. Approval as per EC Tractor Directive is also possible.

Unlimited power

The 90-series machines are particularly characterised by their sturdy (heavy-duty) design, very good stability (against collapse, tilting, sliding) and a high power output – their tipping load, pushing power and lifting force set new standards.

Efficiently change attachments

Thanks to the hydraulic quick-change system, attachments can be readily exchanged. Your Weidemann machine is therefore always ready for use. This increases productivity and profitability.

Optimum ease of servicing

The models of the 90-series have easily accessible service panels and the fenders are removable. This allows easy access to the engine, hydraulic system, and electronics. This facilitates maintenance of the machine. The engine hood can be opened widely, thereby allowing for optimal access.

Hydraulic oil volume adjustment

If necessary, the “Jog Dial” control element can be used to manually set the flow rate of the hydraulic oil. This is advantageous if the machine is operating a hydraulic attachment that does not require the full hydraulic performance of the machine. The operator can therefore work with precision and conserve resources using the machine and attachment.

Good all-round visibility and an ergonomic working area

Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged instrument clusters, a comfortable operator’s seat and an optimal visibility of the attachment. A working area that motivates and fully supports the operator. The console with multi-functional joystick with proportional control as well as the “Jog Dial”, electronic manual throttle, and inching function are also integrated into the seat with suspension to ensure the machine can be comfortably driven and operated.

The main functions always in sight

With the 7” digital display, you retain the overview of your machine. In addition to standard displays like temperature, tank filling, or operating hours, active functions are also displayed in the cab, like activated electrical functions, the continuous operation of the 3rd control circuit, or the activated differential lock.

Articulated joint and oscillating axle in rear

Due to their size and weight, the machine models of the 90-series are equipped with an articulated joint and oscillating axle at the rear, which guarantees optimum manoeuvrability and traction. At 40°, the steering angle is designed to be generous, the turning circle across tyres is 4.99 m and the interior radius is 2.45 m.

Flexible trailer operation up to 18 t

A self-rescue coupling is standard. Optionally, an automatic ball hitch is available. Additionally, the following coupling possibilities are available in connection with a height adjustable hitch block: Automatic ball hitch, K50 ball hitch (car trailer), K80 ball hitch, Piton Fix and CUNA D3. In order to safely move trailer loads, both a dual-line pneumatic brake as well as a hydraulic trailer brake are provided.

Automatic bucket return

The position of the tool holding fixture can be saved by pressing the corresponding button on the joystick. During the next loading process, the attachment can thus be brought back to exactly the same position. This works from the bottom up as well as from the top down. The automatic bucket return thus offers extra comfort and speed for the operator for recurring work, such as stacking with pallet forks or when filling bins with a fixed height or getting over rim walls with a bucket.

Pressure release of 3rd control circuit

The knob for pressure release of the 3rd control circuit is placed, easily accessible, on the oscillating suspension unit. Hydraulically operated attachments can therefore be replaced faster and more efficiently. This even works when the ignition is on or the engine is running.

Reverse fan

The hydraulic motor and pump are designed so that the air flow of the fan can be reversed (reverse possibility). The dirt accumulation on the intake surfaces of the engine hood are simply blown away at the push of a button in the cabin. This protects the machine against damage from overheating and avoids additional exiting from the vehicle.

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