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T6027 Standard components



  • Kohler KDI 2504 TCR (55,4 kW / 75 HP), Stage V
  • Exhaust after-treatment: DOC (diesel oxidation catalytic converter)


Drive system


  • Planetary axle PAL 1720
  • Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive, electronically regulated, travel direction can be selected via joystick
  • Service brake: Hydrostatic drive system acting on all 4 wheels (wear-free)
  • Central service and parking brake in the drive train acting on all 4 wheels
  • Tyres 12.5-18 MPT-01


Steering system


  • Hydraulic all-wheel steering, steering angle 2 x 38°
  • 3 steering modes available: All-wheel steering, front axle steering and crab steering




  • 3rd control circuit front, proportionally via joystick
  • Continuous function for 3rd control circuit connectable via keypad
  • Gear pump with load-independent flow distribution (LUDV)
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Driver assistance system vls (Vertical Lift System), 3 modes available: Bucket mode, stacking mode and manual mode


Operator’s compartment


  • Comfort cabin with heater and ventilation, ROPS/FOPS tested (acoustically insulated, vibration-damped)
  • Comfort seat with safety belt
  • Hydraulic pilot operated joystick with forward-reverse control switch and proportional telescoping function
  • Rear window can be opened
  • Left side window can be raised in 2 positions
  • Hanging pedals
  • Bottle holder and storage compartments
  • Window wiper in front and rear




  • Operating hour meter
  • Battery isolator switch
  • Fuel display
  • Lighting according to Road Traffic Regulations
  • 1 work light in front, 1 work light at rear
  • Mechanical quickhitch system for attachments
  • Co-driven mudguard on all wheels
  • Final position dampening in the telescopic cylinder