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The coronavirus pandemic has huge implications for all of us!

We’ve certainly been plunged into whole new experience: every single one of us has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it be in our business, professional or private life, as members of the community and as part of our activities and social contacts – almost all walks of life have been directly affected. And that affects every one of us! Each and every one of us is wondering what is going to happen to me, my family, my friends? What restrictions do we face? How can we deal with them and what might perhaps even make us stronger?

With our #holdon campaign, we want to pick up on these various aspects and show how Weidemann is dealing with them. Every week we shall be issuing a new incentive. In these difficult times, we hope that we can do something to lift your spirits. Because, as they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Hold on with Weidemann!


On our social media channels you will find a new motif every week.



Even in times of the coronavirus crisis, Weidemann is taking good care of you ...

... with our comprehensive distributor network

Weidemann has a wide and carefully-selected network of distributors in Germany, Europe, North America and Japan. Each distributor is therefore part of a well-organised system that continues to operate even in these difficult times. As well as advice on sales of new machines, our distributors are at your service and can be relied upon when it comes to customer service and spare parts provision – even at this time of crisis, supplying our customers is our highest priority. Click on the link to find your personal contact partner: Weidemann dealer locator »

... with full access to sales through Weidemann distributors

This is another way for you to be able to refer directly to our qualified Weidemann specialists through your local distributor if you need any important advice. The crisis may sometimes mean our working hours are shorter, but in no way is our intensive consultation compromised!

... with local workshops on standby

Continued workshop operation provided by our local distributors ensures that, even during the crisis, your Weidemann machine is always ready for action. Restrictions on life don’t mean restrictions on your machine, if you need it!

... with full spare parts provision

The right part, at the right time, at the right place – even in the current crisis, this general rule of thumb for spare parts provision is as important as ever. It is only the organisational effort behind the scenes that is a little greater due to the unprecedented circumstances. We are coping with the logistical challenge and hoping that our parcel carrier remains healthy!

... with attractive finance schemes

Weidemann distributors offer you a range of finance options available in your particular country by means of various framework agreements. Take advantage of our attractive options for financing or leasing machines that could be of interest to you now. Get in touch with your local contact partner to obtain further information on current terms and conditions.

... with production that has staying power

Supply chain disruption is one of the challenges currently facing Weidemann production. Despite planning status changes, full functionality continues and production is forging ahead with the construction of new machines – courtesy of our colleagues at our plant in Korbach, whose commitment to working under pressure continues day in, day out, to make sure we can supply you with new machines.

... with sincere thanks

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all the farmers, contractors and all other groups of professionals who are making every effort to continue doing their jobs in these difficult times, supply our company and maintain our systems!

We also want to say a big THANK YOU to all our Weidemann colleagues and distributors working to continue our business at a national and international level, providing a flexible and appropriate response to all challenges and supporting the Weidemann brand with heart and soul!