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Weidemann in continuous use and a large selection of attachments

Hans Martin Vogt (Senior), Martin Hans Vogt (Junior) und Volker Bammann (D. MEHRTENS Maschinentechnik GmbH).

In Ahlerstedt (Lower Saxony) in the district of Stade is Basshoff Milch GbR operated by Hans Martin Vogt. Together with his son, he operates a dairy farm with 280 cows and their own offspring. Three people work on the farm – senior and junior are supported by a full-time skilled worker. A total of 135 hectares are farmed, about 75 hectares of which are grassland and 60 hectares are corn.

Three different Weidemann machines are now in operation on the farm. A 1250 CX from 2009 with more than 8,000 operating hours, a 4270 CXT from 2013 with 3,800 operating hours and a 1370 CX from 2016 with 1,700 operating hours. Hans Martin Vogt purchased the first Weidemann in 2009. Since then he has steadily expanded his Weidemann fleet. "When we bought the first Weidemann in 2009, I was quickly impressed by the work we could do with the compact 12-series", says Hans Martin Vogt. "Then when we built a new barn in 2013, it was clear that we would need another Weidemann. We needed a larger machine with a telescopic boom to fill the feed mixer, so we opted for a 4270 CXT".

The latest machine in Hans Martin Vogt's machine portfolio is a 1370 CX from 2016. It is equipped with cabin, which is a real bonus when it comes to comfort, especially during the colder months. In addition to the three Weidemann machines, Hans Martin Vogt has a large selection of different attachments. His range of products thus includes various buckets and pallet forks, bale forks, fork and grabs, a work basket, rotary mower, cubical bedder and stall leveller. Thanks to the same tool attachment, the tools can be used on all three Weidemann machines and the hydraulic rapid-change system means that the tools can also be changed out quickly. This makes it possible to do a wide variety of work: Feeding, moving feed, transporting bales, clearing off slotted flooring, spreading hay in bedding stalls, filling the feed mixer, mucking out stables, transporting various goods on the farm and much more. Every Weidemann machine has its own special tasks.

Volker Bammann from D. MEHRTENS Maschinentechnik GmbH: "As a Weidemann dealer and manufacturer of attachments, we are of course very pleased when our customers are satisfied with the machines and attachments. It's great to see what a considerable number of different tools Hans Martin Vogt has put together over the years. Man, machine and tool work together effectively and thus take care of the necessary jobs on the farm”.