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Piaffe – Passage – and Weidemann

The Helenenhof in Schleswig-Holstein is about horses. And about horses. And about horses. So that it can continue to be about horses, one works behind the scenes: a Weidemann 2070T.

The star on the Helenenhof is Carabas, the top breeding stallion in the Schleswig-Holstein dressage world. The 18-year-old dark brown horse has brought home many titles and awards, including a victory at the Media Cup, a second place finish in the German Dressage Derby and various other victories in the Grand-Prix and Grand-Prix Special Trials. It’s no surprise that such a winner also has demands on its accommodation. The horse stalls are made of pearl-blasted stainless steel and bamboo, and are therefore regularly mucked out with the help of the Weidemann 2070T. The manure then disappears behind the closed doors on the dunghill. "It’s good that the Weidemann has a telescopic arm. That way we can push the manure up high", explains Rainer Schwiebert. He and his wife Jessica Jahr-Schwiebert are the owners of the high-ranking Holstein breeding stallion Carabas and his stable companions.

The 16 horses of the family are made to shine brightly daily, and the roughly 3-hectare complex with tables, riding hall and riding arenas, gallop track and machine building always look flawless too. "We took over the Helenenhof about 16 years ago and have rebuilt everything since then", explains Rainer Schwiebert. "It is particularly important to me that the values that we have established here are always well-maintained". And so the Weidemann looks as clean as the day it was purchased, despite the daily use. In addition to the regular mucking out of the horse stalls, the Weidemann 2070T has been used in levelling the riding tracks, mowing around the fences and maintaining the farm and buildings for about three years. The dome-shaped rows of windows of the stables and the windows and mirrors of the riding hall are regularly cleaned using the Weidemann. Rainer Schwiebert has long been convinced by the Weidemann brand. “Our first Weidemann was a 1250”, explains the professional rider, “with the Hoftrac without a cabin, I had a terrible case of bronchitis during the winter when moving snow”. The now 66-year-old did not want to experience that again and soon called his Weidemann dealer, Heeder Landmaschinen GmbH. Within a day, a new 1770 with cabin and heater was on the farm. "Such great service is important to me", emphasises the dressage rider, who also likes to give a hand himself for minor repairs.

His son Sascha Schwiebert is also a big help on the farm. The logistics student is just as excited about horses as the rest of the family and takes special care of the fleet. He drives the Weidemann as easily as the large transport and residential lorries. If Rainer Schwiebert himself is not sitting on his parade stallion Carabas or the 9-year-old expressive Catoo, then he his training his daughter Franziska, who is also a very successful dressage rider among the junior riders. In addition, he also looks after international students and the young dressage riders in Hamburg. All of these tasks of course require a lot of time and organisation. It’s good that everything is running smoothly at home. Of course with the help of a Weidemann.