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New models 2080LP and 2080LPT

After the final discontinuation of the popular and successful 2070LP and 2070LPT models with 80 hp due to the current exhaust emission standards, Weidemann is presenting the two successor models 2080LP and 2080LPT.

Both of these models have been reworked and are now equipped with a Deutz TD 2.9 (45 kW / 61 hp) engine as a standard. A Deutz TCD 2.9 (55.4 kW / 75 hp) is also optionally available. Both engines are equipped with DOC (diesel oxidation catalytic converter) and DPF (diesel particle filter) and meet the current exhaust emission standard V.

The reworking of the 20 LP series is also reflected in the new dynamic machine design, based on the existing 30, 40 and 50 series. In this connection, the machines can optionally be fitted with the comfort cab with LED work lights. An air conditioning system is also available as an option. The similarly optional proportional control via the multifunction joystick now enables more convenient working: in addition to the function of the 3rd proportional control circuit activated on the joystick, the continuous operation of the 3rd control can also be activated using the button toggle switch – also in both directions by moving the thumbwheel.

For the wheeled loaders, the function of the 4th control circuit can also be operated proportionally via the joystick. For the telescopic wheel loaders, the telescoping is possible via the scroll wheel. The operating speed can thus be individually adjusted. Both electrical functions can also be operated on the joystick in a detenting or latching manner. Both electric functions are independent so that they can be individually configured by the operator.

At Weidemann, LP stands for "Low Position". Thanks to the lower driver’s cab and seat position, the machine has a lower overall height. This means it can easily travel through narrow passages. It also allows the operator easy entry and shifts the centre of gravity towards the ground. The Weidemann LP models come standard with an operator's canopy, which meets the current European machine directive (2006/42/EC) for ROPS and FOPS protection. You can choose from various versions of the operator's canopy and cab.