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Elsfleth shipyard – Public limited company and family-owned and run company

The Elsfleth shipyard is the specialist in repairing and converting special vessels, large yachts and passenger sailing ships on the Weser river.

The shipyard has been located on the Weser for around 100 years. After some difficult years with few investors and insolvency, an investor from Hamburg took over responsibility in 1995. The shipyard was transferred to a stock corporation and Kurt Wiechmann became the managing director. In 2011, his son Klaus Wiechmann took over the management of the business together with a befriended shipbuilder. And the next generation is already ready. Klaus Wiechmann's son is currently working in a leading position for the shipyard on the major project "Gorch Fock" as a project manager. Klaus Wiechmann knows all roughly 120 of his employees personally and maintains a personal relationship with all of them. It's a family-owned and run company that is not really one.

The company shares are entirely held by a foundation to preserve the Elsfleth shipyard. The surpluses generated are donated to a children's hospice in Hamburg. The children's hospice, however, is not the only institution that benefits from the work being done on the ships. A guest house located on the business premises, for example, is sometimes inhabited by Caritas. Additional projects, such as a facility for recreational boats in the surroundings around the shipyard are already in planning. In addition to service and marina, a winter storage facility is also to be created here.

A Weidemann for ground maintenance.

In order to maintain the currently 12 hectare grounds, a Weidemann 1350 CX45 was purchased through the Weidemann distributor Imken Landmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG a while ago. A set group of employees uses the machine on the expansive grounds. They ensure the well-maintained exterior appearance of the shipyard with sweepers, green area maintenance and winter service. In addition, the Weidemann 1350 uses the pallet fork and bucket to help load and transport different goods that are needed in everyday shipyard operation.

The "Gorch Fock" is a regular guest at the Elsfleth shipyard.

The Elsfleth shipyard has become specialised in the repair and conversion of special sips, such as ships for research, navy, rescue and the coast guard. The sailing school ship of the navy, the "Gorch Fock", is a long-term customer. "It is simply the most beautiful operating ship" gushes Klaus Wiechmann. He could tell 100,000 stories about the classic sailing ship. Additional docks are rented for such large ships when necessary in the nearby Bremerhaven shipyard. The "Gorch Fock" has been extensively renovated and rebuilt since September 2015. Among other things, the masts are being replaced. The owners are thus hoping to extend the ship's useful life by 10 – 15 years. The tools and machines needed for this purpose are available to the shipyard in Elsfleth as are the right specialists. The shipyard can provide all the necessary trades and is thus absolutely flexible and always capable of working.