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Changing attachments made easy

Weidemann easy coupler system (ecs). Who isn’t familiar with this - you just want to swap the attachment and when coupling, the hydraulic hoses are under pressure which makes the process very difficult. It isn’t rare to find yourself cursing when you are doing this, and more often than not, your hands are covered in oil or even sustain small injuries.

Weidemann wanted to put a stop to this and designed the fully-automatic easy coupler system (ecs), which makes changing the attachments with the third control circuit’s hydraulic functions easier and can also make it quicker. Up to 75% of all attachments with an additional function are operated with just one third control circuit. That is why the development of the ecs deliberately focused on a simple, sturdy and cost-optimised design with the aim of allowing operators extensive access to this application and of improving comfort and the level of safety while working.

Technical implementation ecs - simple and reliable: 

  • The hydraulic oil runs directly to the tool mount via an additional hydraulic branch in the area of the hydraulic couplings, which is positioned on the drawbar. The oil flows into the locking pin and automatically connects to the attachment via the “flat face hydraulic coupling”. The connection to the oil circuits is thus made automatically, cleanly, in an environmentally friendly way and securely - even under pressure. The return thus occurs via the second locking bolt.
  • The original hydraulic couplings on the drawbar of the machine remain in their place, so you always have the option of switching operation to an attachment that does not yet have ecs.
  • When depositing the attachment, the locking bolts are retracted normally and the hydraulic connection is automatically disconnected. This offers another advantage regarding safety in that it rules out any accidental breakaway of hydraulic hoses, if the operator forgot to disconnect them before removing the attachment, since no hoses lead from the machine to the device. Straining or kinking hoses when moving the attachment is also a thing of the past with the ecs.
  • Another advantage of this system is that the device can be changed without losing hardly any time. The loader downtime is reduced, productivity is increased and the driver can completely concentrate on his work, because changing between hydraulically-operated attachments now only takes as long as changing conventional attachments, such as lightweight buckets or pallet forks.
  • The operating philosophy of the ecs is also very simple and self-explanatory: there is no need to press any additional button or operate any additional lever to connect the hydraulic control circuit. The work machine's hydraulic system automatically connects to the attachment when extending the locking bolt and is immediately ready for use.

ecs endurance test - tested safety and quality:

The Weidemann ecs has been extensively and independently tested by an external testing laboratory. A special test bench was constructed for this and different scenarios were thoroughly tested. These included both normal tensile and transverse loads, as well as greater soiling. Overall the quick coupling system completed 48,000 cycles on the test bench - with 12 coupling procedures per day, this amounts to a machine service life of about eleven years.

The result can be seen for itself: the oil samples before and after the test were unremarkable for all scenarios, therefore the Weidemann ecs is fully capable of operation in each and every load situation.

ecs retrofitting

It is possible to retrofit Weidemann machines and existing attachments at any time. Please contact your local Weidemann distributor to discuss this.

Buying a new machine with ecs:

The Easy Coupler System is optionally available in the Weidemann Hoftrac® series 1140, 1160, 1160 eHoftrac®, 1280 and 1390, as well as the best-selling telehandler T4512. In the first step, the following frequently used attachments are offered: Fork and grab, feed blade, grab bucket, 4-in-1 bucket, lightweight bucket with bite upper part, sweeping machine, round bale tong, snow blade and V-shaped snow blade.

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The ecs in use. More information in operation reports: