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A bestseller is electrified

The Weidemann telehandler T4512e with a lithium-ion battery.

For those who would like to avoid CO2 emissions, noise and soot particles in buildings and while working, can use the fully electric T4512e from Weidemann on site completely free from emissions and with a clearly reduced amount of noise. In the agricultural and equine industry, the operator and the valuable livestock are simultaneously protected. As a result of this, there are also particular aspects for use of the machinery in the municipal sector, for example in cemetery works, on the farm and in inner-city environmental zones. In the hotel industry, trade and industry sector, emissions-free and reduced noise work likewise plays an increasingly more important role.

Electrically driven Weidemann wheel loaders already came onto the scene and entered the range in 2015; they have become well-established since. Now the compact telehandler T4512 currently on market, which is also very popular and widely distributed as a result of its compact dimensions, is being issued with an electric drive system, inclusive of a lithium-ion battery. “Our customers enquired time and time again for the potential electrification of this unique piece of machinery”, says the Commercial Director Bernd Apfelbeck on the current innovation from Weidemann. “We are happy that it is now ready and in 2023, we will have a zero emission product on offer in the telehandler sector.

The new T4512e provides the customer with a familiar performance, 4.50 lift height and 1.25 t payload. The compact dimensions of the machine have been maintained 1:1 (height 1.99 m and width 1.56 m). Even the tried and tested driver assistance system, Vertical Lift System (vls), guarantees a high level of stability with the electrically driven machine as a result of automatic retraction and extension during the lifting and lowering process. The electric parking brake with auto-hold and hill-hold function ensures maximum safety and a very large amount of comfort with every operational and standstill process. Additionally, energy is recovered with the braking system via so-called recuperation, which also extends the running time.

The new T4512e offers many features and options for individually equipping the machine and needs-based working - here is an overview of the essential features:

  • A total of 2 maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries are available: the standard option at 18 kWh, the optional version is 28 kWh. The standard option has a 3 kW on-board charger installed. It is possible to select a second 3 kW on-board charger as an optional extra to increase the charging output to 6 kW, which is suitable for generating a fast charge time.
  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) with clearly increased charging currents, pre-heating to operational temperature, brief supply of performance peaks, as well as constant monitoring of the battery’s temperature. The BMS increases the battery’s efficiency and categorically rules out a deep discharge.
  • The charging process is executed via an easily accessible, central charging flap on the rear of the machine. Behind this, you will find the socket, the activation switch and the charge indicator. To increase the level of safety, the charging cable has been equipped with a control box. This reliably prevents the charging infrastructure from overloading.
  • The charging cable (Type 2 plug on the machine) can be combined with a variety of different plugs: 230 V earthed adapter, 230 V CEE, 400 V high-voltage or Type 2 plug with a wall box (plus other adapter plugs). Summarised, the new flexible charging system offers you an efficient and safe charging process that is compatible with different infrastructures on-site.

  • Two separate electric motors are used in the machine: one for the drive (23 kW) and one for the drive system of the work hydraulics (25 kW). This minimises the power consumption, because the power is only drawn when it is really needed. The electric motor for the drive also allows a dynamic and powerful start-up of the machine.
  • The variable adjustment of the oil volume of the 3rd control circuit enables the use of attachments that are operated with a hydraulic continuous function. With this, the oil volume can be individually adapted to the relevant attachment. This allows the operator to work both comfortably and efficiently with the machine and the attachment.
  • Additionally, the machine can be operated when in stationary operation. In this case, the work hydraulics of the 3rd control circuit are used to drive an attachment, for example a log splitter.
  • Three types of steering for maximum manoeuvrability and flexibility: All-wheel, front wheel and crab steering ensure precise manoeuvring to the centimetre within the smallest area, and safe road driving at high speed. The T4512e even offers three options for the travel speed: 15, 20 and 25 km/h are available.

Even economically the T4512e offers some advantages: the ongoing energy costs are clearly higher for a diesel-driven machine than those of an electrically-driven machine. The higher procurement costs of the eMachine are recuperated after some time and as a result, over the whole usage period, the acquisition can even be considered as a more economical investment. Furthermore, the maintenance costs are clearly lower for an eMachine.