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1390 – Next Generation

The relaunch of the powerful Hoftrac 1380 by Weidemann.

The Weidemann 13-series has successfully been on the market for many years in the agriculture and equine industry, municipalities, as well as trade and industry. The models have been constantly revised by us, which has most recently led to the 1380 with its pronounced high range of configuration, which has continued in the development of the new model in favour of the range of application. Now the successful model has experienced a relaunch as a result of the engine change to the exhaust emission stage V and has been fundamentally revised. The new Hoftrac 1390 is balanced in its performance, which for example, very positively affects motorisation, axles and hydraulic performance in the respective working tasks of various sectors. The tipping load with bucket is located between 1,610 and 2,100 kg - depending on the machine’s motorisation and equipment. With the newly developed electronically controlled drive, ecDrive, there are more application options for the user and a completely new operational feel. The very good space on offer on the operator platform and in the cabin is unique to this size class.

Various motorisation options for optimal performance development.

In future, the 1390 will be available with three Yanmar engines. The entry-level engine is 18.4 kW/25 HP and the larger version is 33.3 kW/45.3 HP. Furthermore, there is another powerful engine with the performance stats: 40.1 kW/54.5 HP.

However, according to the manufacturer, the new entry-level engine will have a performance level above the HP class. You might be wondering how that is possible. The solution lies in Weidemann's exclusive, brand-new development of an electronically controlled traction drive, known as the ecDrive (Electric Controlled Drive), which enables the machine’s overall performance to be increased, even in lower HP categories. Another advantage is that the 25 HP engine fulfils the exhaust emission stage V, without any need for the after-treatment of exhaust gases. This engine version is particularly well-suited to users who require less operating hours from their machine. A combination of a very efficient drive system and an engine without the need for after-treatment is only provided by Weidemann in the machine class.

Both the 45.3 and 54.5 HP versions have been converted to exhaust emission stage V with the installation of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) together with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The advantage of this is that no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) needs to be added. The entire engine unit comes from Yanmar, complete with exhaust after-treatment, so that all components are perfectly synchronised with each other and the machine completes an automatic regeneration at the relevant operating temperature. The smaller engine has a top speed of 20 km/h. With the larger engines, you can choose between top speeds of either 20 or 30 km/h. The powerful work hydraulics of the new loader are at 41.6 l/min, more specifically in conjunction with the larger engines at 49.4 l/min or optionally 58.5 l/min. The High Flow option with 84 l/min is new. The High Flow hydraulics are the perfectly suited for demanding a high hydraulic performance continuously for a long period of time, e.g. in application with a snow blower or large mowers and mulchers.

With the new 1390 it is possible to select between the following three axles for different shear forces: Alongside the standard axle T94 with hydrostatic all-round drive without differential lock, the machine can likewise be equipped with two planetary axles PA 940 with the option of 22.7 or 26.4 kN shear force increase incl. differential lock. It is always possible to connect the differential lock on both of these axles, where required, and works 100 % with the front and rear axles. Maximum traction is therefore guaranteed without having a negative impact on fuel consumption or tyre wear, like it is with other systems.

In redesigning the 1390 model, Weidemann has generally paid great attention to making considerable improvements to maintenance and service access. As a result, the engine bonnet can be fully opened up and all components requiring maintenance are positioned to ensure they are easy to access. The tiltable operator platform has likewise been redesigned on the 1390 so that perfect access and all components underlying this are guaranteed. The layout of the following technical components in the interior of the machine were redesigned: The guided hose and cable routing with fixed points and brackets, as well as the positioning of fuses, relays and control units ensure a long service life and low downtimes. In the event of a repair, these can be replaced both quickly and simply.

Weidemann ecDrive – the new electronically regulated traction drive.

The new electronically controlled drive system, ecDrive (Electronic Controlled Drive), enables the 1390 to be used and driven exactly as required. Weidemann has fitted four different drive modes specifically for this purpose. The Auto Mode ensures the machine's usual 100% performance of the loader. In Eco Mode, the engine speed reduces to 2200 rpm once the desired driving speed has been reached. This enables a reduction of noise as well as a saving on fuel. This takes care of the operator and reduces the costs. However, the full performance is also available to the drive system in Eco Mode.

The two other optional drive modes are designed specifically for use with hydraulically-operated attachments or for the optimised execution of the Y loading cycle. The mode known as attachment mode supports the use of attachments. Here, the operator sets the speed of the diesel engine with the throttle and controls the driving speed with the foot pedal or cruise control. With these controls, speeds can be very finely set in increments of 0.10 km/h, via the display. This is done using a cruise control function. This ensures a constant feed for the attachment. If the load on the attachment is too great (e.g. various cut material in front of a mulcher), the machine automatically restricts the speed to ensure the best possible performance for the attachment. Once the load is cleared, the machine returns to the pre-set speed. However, if the operator still wishes to drive or reverse at a higher speed, they can override the cruise control at any time via the foot pedal, and can even increase the speed of the machine to its maximum.

The M-Drive Mode is the correct selection for the optimised execution of loading cycles with short routes, known as Y loading cycles: Here, the operator sets the engine speed with the throttle and controls the driving speed and/or control pressure with the foot pedal. This dispenses with the need for “inching” and supports the execution of fast Y loading cycles.

These new operating modes enable sensitive control of the 1390 and of the quantity of hydraulic oil dispensed for the various attachments in operation. The loading operation and/or use of attachments is thus significantly more efficient and more convenient.

The new electrical parking brake provides another auto-hold function, in addition to the hill-hold function. The brake is activated automatically when the machine comes to a standstill, when the machine is in neutral, when the operator leaves the cab or the engine is switched off. Likewise, the electrical parking brake is automatically disengaged when the machine is put into operation via the use of the accelerator. Naturally, the brake can also be applied or released manually by pressing the switch. Maximum safety combined with a high level of comfort are provided thanks to this automatic function.

Needs-based loader unit.

Weidemann provides the appropriate kinematics for the machine size with all of its machines. P-kinematics come as standard for the 1390, which is characterised by a precise parallel guide across the whole lift range. A longer swing arm version is optionally available with P-kinematics, which increases the lifting height by 20 cm. The P-Z kinematics is also available and is a combination of P-kinematics and Z-kinematics. It allows significant lifting and shearing forces and has a finely coordinated parallel motion in the process.

The flat-face hydraulic couplings that are installed as standard, can be easily cleaned and ensure less soiling across the whole hydraulic system. When coupling the hydraulic hoses there were rarely leaks, so your hands, the machine, the attachment and the ground remain clean. With the flat-face hydraulic couplings attachment can be coupled under pressure, which is time-saving. All types of couplings are mounted to the same bulkhead and therefore easily accessible.

For even easier coupling and uncoupling of hydraulically operated attachments, the function of the pressure release 3rd control circuit is also selectable, which is attached for easy access of the front of the loading arm.

Ergonomic operator platform with a multifunctional joystick.

The machine has a brand new redeveloped interior and colour-oriented operational concept. The ergonomic operator platform provides a clearly designed, colour-coded switch layout. All operating elements are within easy reach and a well-designed display provides the operator with a constant view of key machine information. The steering wheel can be individually adjusted to suit the operator in height and inclination. This ensures that every operator can work with ergonomic ease, free from fatigue. The good clarity already available on the current models has been improved even more. The roof section with its protective grate, the operator’s canopy and the cabin, for example, have been enlarged to ensure a perfect view of the working area above. As standard, the machine has LED work lights (2 front and 1 rear), each with 1,000 lumens. The lighting can be further enhanced for different requirements with further work lights, each with 2,000 lumens. This makes the machine safely operable and individually adapted to work in the dark. Illumination of the working area provides the operator with a longer period of time for fatigue-free work when using the machine.

The machine has a very spacious, comfortable cabin for this size class. The 4-pillar design and the large, curved, panoramic rear windscreen are unique within the market and in combination with the bevelled engine bonnet enables an excellent view to the rear. As a result, work can be comfortably and easily executed under restrictive conditions and with regard to safety, Weidemann has set new benchmarks here. The cabin machine has Coming Home lighting as standard, which means that after turning the engine off both the work lights and also the light in the cabin continue to shine for 20 seconds. In addition to this, the left entry is illuminated which enables the operator’s safe and comfortable entry and exit, particularly in the dark.

You can select between two different doors for the cabin: either single-piece glass doors, which ensure great visibility to the side and can be positioned well for split ventilation in the summer. There is also an optional version with two-piece doors, which have an upper window that provides split ventilation or can be opened to 180°. Both types of doors can be opened by 180° to the rear; this enables you to work with the door completely open. These various options enable the operator to decide on their own climate control settings in the cab, according to their individual and temperature preferences.

The multifunctional joystick enables the operator to manage a number of functions single-handedly. The basic function of the 3rd control circuit can be proportionally operated by moving the control wheel varying degrees. The continuous operation function of the 3rd control circuit is simply activated using the button on the keypad and can likewise be comfortably controlled using the joystick - by moving the control wheel in both directions. Both electronic functions can also be operated independently from one another by pressing or locking a button on the joystick.

Clear display & wedias diagnostics and analytics system.

The operator has an optimal overview of the machine with the well-positioned display. In addition to standard displays such as temperature, fuel level, or operating hours, active functions are also displayed in the cockpit, such as activated electronic functions, the continuous operation of the 3rd control circuit or the activated differential lock. The Weidemann diagnostics and analytics system - wedias - enables a quick and clear assessment of many functions, such as the operating function, the 3rd control circuit, the engine data, as well as the electronic functions. Active notifications in the display immediately make the operator aware of potential failures, enabling them to respond with all speed. Thanks to the exact designation of the error number, the dealer can come to the machine prepared and with the right spare parts. The subsequent error analysis significantly simplifies further diagnosis and troubleshooting. This saves time, money and nerves.

Good working environment included in the cabin.

The new 1390 has also moved on when it comes to the working environment: significant improvements have been made to the cab's interior by installing a brand-new and even more efficient heating and ventilation system, complete with a fan, fresh air filter and well-positioned air nozzles. Where the outside temperature is particularly warm, we recommend the high-performance air-conditioning system option.

Trailer operation.

The 1390 can tow a trailer with a total weight of up to 3.5 t with the optional attachment coupling. An automatic or a ball hitch K50 attachment coupling are available. The option to tow a trailer expands the range of applications available to the machine and provides more flexibility in terms of application as no other tractor is required.

New dynamic design.

Things have also changed aesthetically: in completely redesigning the 1390, providing it with many new functions and features, Weidemann has also given this machine a face-lift. The dynamically striking form of this machine makes it truly eye-catching, especially when it comes to the engine bonnet with its redesigned air duct and the new operator platform or cab.

Considered as a whole, the new Hoftrac 1390 by Weidemann provides many new features and options for individual equipment and very safe and comfortable work. The great range of configuration options provided by the machine provides customers with needs-based equipment in performance and productivity. This should pave the way for one of the best-selling machines in the Weidemann range to continue its route to success.