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Weidemann 1390 cab with grab bucket studio visibility 2
Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 cabin with pallet fork studio view
Weidemann 1390 overhead guard with grab bucket studio visibility 3
Weidemann 1390 cab with grab bucket studio visibility 2
Weidemann Hoftrac 1390 cabin with pallet fork studio view
Weidemann 1390 overhead guard with grab bucket studio visibility 3

Next Generation – Hoftrac 1390

With the 13 Series, Weidemann has been successful on the market for many years in the agricultural, equestrian, municipal and commercial/industrial sectors. We have constantly revised the models, culminating in the Type 1380 with its extremely wide range of configurations, which we have expanded even further in the new model in the interests of versatility. Now the successful model has been relaunched due to the engine changeover to exhaust gas standard stage V and has been fundamentally revised. The performance of the new Hoftrac 1390, in terms of engine, axles and hydraulic power, for example, can be adapted very well to the respective work tasks. With our new electronically controlled drive ecDrive, you will experience new application possibilities and a whole new driving experience. Now unique in this size class is the very good spaciousness of the operator's platform and cab. You can look forward to a completely new model that will simply make you even more productive!

The right engine for your application

The entry-level engine of the T4512 has a power output of 18.4 kW / 25 hp. The great advantage of this is that it complies with exhaust emission stage V, whilst dispensing with the need for any exhaust gas treatment. This engine version is also ideal for users who require relatively lower operational hours from their machine. A 33.3 kW / 45.3 hp engine is available as an option. With this machine, conversion to exhaust emission stage V has been achieved by installing a diesel particle filter (DPF) together with a diesel oxidisation catalyst (DOC). This technology does not require any input of urea solution (DEF). The overall engine unit comes from Yanmar including the exhaust gas aftertreatment, ensuring that all components are tuned to each other perfectly. The machine regenerates automatically at the appropriate operating temperature.

Electronically-controlled traction drive - Weidemann ecDrive

With the new electronically-controlled traction drive, ecDrive, this machine can be driven and used to suit any requirement. This is possible thanks to 4 different drive modes implemented by Weidemann.

The following two driving modes are included as standard:

Auto mode: Ensures the usual 100% performance of the machine.

Eco mode: Once the vehicle has reached the desired speed, the engine speed reduces to 2200 rpm, thus reducing noise and saving fuel.

The two other optional drive modes are designed specifically for use by hydraulically-driven attachments or for the optimised execution of the Y-loading cycle. For these one of the following modes can be optionally selected:

Attachment mode: This mode provides perfect support for the use of attachments. In this mode, the manual throttle is used to set the diesel engine’s rpm, with the driving speed being controlled by the drive pedal or speed control unit. These features enable speeds to be finely set at increments of 0.10 km/h via the display. This ensures a constant feed for the attachment. If the load on the attachment is too great (e.g. various clippings in front of a mulcher), the machine automatically reduces the speed to ensure that the attachment functions with the highest possible performance. Once the load is removed, the machine can be switched back to its pre-set speed. This is done using a speed control unit. However, if you want to drive forward or reverse more quickly, you can override the unit at any time by engaging the foot pedal to accelerate the machine, even to its maximum speed, if required.

M-drive mode: This mode is ideal for optimising the execution of Y-loading cycles. In this mode, the manual throttle is used to set the diesel engine’s rpm, with the driving speed or control pressure being controlled by the drive pedal. This means there is no longer any need for inching, thus greatly supporting the execution of fast Y-load cycles.

Electric parking brake

The new electric handbrake features an auto-hold as well as a hill-hold function. The brake engages automatically when the machine comes to a halt, when moved into neutral or when the operator leaves the cab. The electric handbrake is released automatically when the machine is set in motion using the accelerator. Naturally, the brake can also be engaged or released manually using the switch. Enhanced comfort and security for the operator.

The Weidemann benefits at a glance

Weidemann articulated pendulum joint

The backbone of the Weidemann design. The legendary articulated pendulum joint. All four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction. In addition, the machine has unrivalled manoeuvrability.

High quality powder coating

Quality creates added value. The powder coating is a key feature of the Weidemann quality standard. In contrast to the conventional wet painting, it greatly increases the service life and is more efficient and also environmentally friendly in the process. Learn more about powder coating here »

High pushing power from the planetary axle

The drive via the planetary axle increases the torque on the wheel, thereby improving pushing power. Due to the optimal ratio between the pushing power and machine capacity, work is both flexible and economical.

100% differential lock

The connectible 100% differential lock provides maximum traction and thrusting force if necessary. It also keeps the tire wear low (switched off during normal operation).

Two strong lift cylinders

Weidemann always installs two lift cylinders in all Hoftrac and wheel loader models. This guarantees that the load distribution is always optimally transferred to the load arm. In addition, the entire loader unit gains stability. The size of the lift cylinder is adapted to the respective size of the machine.



P-kinematics long
(long loading arm)


Weidemann offers the right kinematics for the machine size for all machines. Standard on the 1390 is the P-kinematics, which impresses with precise parallel guidance over the entire lifting range. A longer version of the P-kinematics is also available as an option, which increases the lifting height by 20 cm. A P-Z kinematic system, a combination of P kinematics and Z kinematics, is also available as an option. It allows significant lifting and shearing forces and has a finely co-ordinated parallel motion in the process.

Powerful hydraulics.

The 1390 can be optionally equipped with high-flow, high-performance hydraulics. This allows the operation of front attachments that have a high oil demand (such as a snow blower).

Equipment variety

Weidemann Hoftracs come with a comprehensive range of standard equipment. Depending on the application, the engine, drive, hydraulics or tyres can be individually configured. Your Weidemann is always custom-made.

Pressure release for 3rd control circuit

Weidemann also offers a special feature to assist coupling and uncoupling hydraulically operated attachments: The knob for pressure release of the 3rd control circuit is placed, easily accessible, on the oscillating suspension unit. This makes it quicker and more efficient to change the various attachments. It works when the ignition is on or the engine is running. The smooth, flat face couplings are also fitted as standard.

Trailer operation

The 1390 can tow a trailer with a total weight of up to 3.5 t using the optional trailer hitch. An automatic or a ball-head K50 trailer hitch is available. The ability to tow a trailer expands the machine's range of applications and offers more flexibility in operation, as no additional towing vehicle is required.

Large selection of tyres

The optimal tyres for any surface. We have a wide selection of different tyres available for your Weidemann. Which tyres are right for your machine? Find out here »

Large selection of attachments

A multi-tool for various applications Whether loading, stacking, pushing, sweeping, mowing or transporting material: Our huge range of different attachments transforms your Weidemann into a universal multi-tool. We have a wide selection of different attachments available for your machine. Which attachment and what size do you need for your machine? Find out here »

Select your driver's cab

A fixed canopy, the folding canopy eps and a cab are available. The choice of the right operator's platform allows maximum flexibility for different applications and conditions.

Secure operator’s canopy with restraint system

Maximum safety that is state of the art. As a standard, Weidemann installs an operator’s canopy with a restraint system on all Hoftrac models. The operator’s canopy and the restraint system for the operator meet the current European machine directive (2006/42/EC) for ROPS and FOPS protection.

Easy Protection System (eps)

Optionally, Weidemann Hoftracs can be equipped with the fold-down operator’s canopy eps (Easy Protection System). The eps also meets the current European machine directive (2006/42/EC) for ROPS and FOPS protection. With a few hand movements, the eps (Easy Protection System) can be prepared for a low clearance height. Learn more about eps here »

Comfort cabin

The spacious cabin meets the current European machine directive (2006/42/EC) according to ROPS and FOPS protection and offers a great deal of headroom and freedom of movement. Thanks to the complete glazing, the operator has an excellent overview of the attachments and the entire working area.

4-pillar design of the cabin with panoramic rear window for best overview

If you leave something out, you can definitely optimise something: with only four instead of the usual six pillars, our cabin design experiences a significant improvement in visibility from the cabin.

The rounded panoramic rear window, in combination with the sloping bonnet, provides excellent rearward visibility - including full safety when reversing!

Optimum view of the attachment tool

Visibility above the machine is also crucial to ensure the load is positioned safely when working at a height. With Weidemann telehandlers, the cab and windscreen are designed so that the operator can see the load at all times, even at maximum lifting height. The three windscreen wipers (front, rear and roof) ensure a crystal-clear view at all times!

The choice of one-piece or two-piece doors

door closed

window open

door open

Just get the air you need for working: The cabin has either one-piece glass doors, which are great to put up for gap ventilation in summer. There is also a version with two-piece doors, where only the upper window can be opened for gap ventilation. The upper window can also be folded all the way back. All door variants can be opened by 180° and locked at the back, so that you can also work with them completely open.

Quick and easy tool change

Thanks to the hydraulic quick-hitch system, attachments can be changed easily and conveniently, ensuring your machine is ready for action immediately. This increases productivity and profitability. Attachments are changed by means of a 2-hand operation, which makes incorrect changes impossible – safety always comes first at Weidemann!

tool change 1

tool change 2

tool change 3

Flat-face hydraulic coupling

The standard Flat-Face hydraulic couplings can be cleaned easily and ensure less contamination in the entire hydraulic system. There is hardly any leakage when coupling the hydraulic hoses, so that the hands, the machine, the attachment and the ground remain clean. With the Flat-Face hydraulic couplings, attachments can also be coupled under pressure, which saves time. All coupling types are mounted on the same bulkhead for easy access.

Front hydraulic connections

All hydraulic connections at the front are concentrated in the handle area on a central bulkhead or on the side of the loader swing arm - this makes it easier for you to hitch up attachments with additional hydraulic functions.

ecs – Easy Coupler System

Thanks to the Weidemann ecs (Easy Coupler System), changing attachments with additional functions is absolutely simplified and can be controlled from the driver's seat without having to get off and manually couple. Learn more about ecs here »

Optimum ease of servicing

Tiltable driver's platform

Only at Weidemann: The tiltable driver's platform allows for easy access to the engine, hydraulic system and electrical system. Maintenance and service made extremely easy! The arrangement of the components inside the machine has been optimised even further.

Tiltable cab

Only at Weidemann: The tiltable cabin allows for easy access to the engine, hydraulic system and electrical system. Maintenance and service made extremely easy! The arrangement of the components inside the machine has been optimised even further.

Metal tubing in the interior

Many hoses in the interior of the machine are made with metal pipes - this significantly increases the longevity of the components.

Short hydraulic hose lengths

Weidemann machines have short hydraulic hose lengths - the hoses are split in several places. If a hydraulic hose needs to be exchanged, the entire hose in the hydraulic circuit does not need to be exchanged, but rather just the affected part. This speeds up work enormously and saves money.

A motivating workplace

Adjustable steering wheel

Both the height and the angle of the steering column and steering wheel can be individually set according to the operator’s requirements. This ensures ergonomic comfort for operator, enabling them to work without becoming fatigued.

Ergonomic joystick - everything in one hand

The joystick sits securely and comfortably in your hand. The control is both sturdy and sensitive. This means you always have the machine and its key functions under control. The continuous function of the 3rd control circuit is simply activated via a toggle switch on the keypad and can be conveniently operated proportionally with the joystick - even in both directions by infinitely variable deflection on the adjustment wheel. In addition, the two electric functions can be operated by touch or latching on the joystick. Neither electrical function depends on the other, meaning that the operator can configure them individually.

Good all-round visibility - ergonomic working area

More space in a cab that has been designed and developed according to the latest findings in safety technology and ergonomics. Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged instrument clusters, a comfortable operator’s seat and an optimal visibility of the attachment. All controls are within easy reach and the driver always has the most important machine information in view via the optimally positioned display. A working area that motivates and fully supports the operator.

Pleasant working environment

The working environment in the cabin is excellent, thanks to an efficiently working heater and ventilation system with a fan, fresh air filter and well-placed air nozzles. Air conditioning is available as an option.

Vibration-damped working area

Thanks to the cab suspension with hydromounts, vibrations and shocks are absorbed by the machine. Your body is very well-protected and you also work for a longer time relaxed and fatigue-free - and are therefore simply more focused.

Extensive lighting package

The lighting can be adapted to different requirements: Standard lighting (halogen), lighting according to StVZO (halogen or LED), LED lighting package work lights (1000 or 2000 lumen) on the driver's platform or the cab. This enables individually adapted work with the machine even in the dark. Good illumination of the working area increases work safety and allows the driver to work with the machine for longer periods without tiring.

Coming Home lighting

The Coming Home lighting is a particular plus for comfort and safety in the new cab. After the engine is switched off, the interior lighting in the cab continues to shine and, after the door is opened, a downlight above the steps remains on for approx. 20 seconds. Enough time to get off the machine easily and safely in the dark.

Colour-oriented operating concept

The colour-oriented operating concept promotes the driver's intuitive orientation, with specific colours assigned to individual function groups:

  • green: hydraulic functions (e.g. 3. control circuit).
  • orange: driving mode functions (e.g. driving direction, drive, hand throttle)
  • red: safety functions (e.g. brake, attachment locking)
  • grey: electrical functions (e.g. light)

Optimal view upwards - sun protection roller blind

The 13 Series has been equipped as standard with enlarged vision panels on both the overhead guard and the cab. This allows an optimal view of the working area upwards. In addition, the protective grille is installed on the inside so that contamination can be prevented. For the cab machine, there is a practical, retractable roller blind that can be used as a glare and sun protection.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country. Photos may depict options. Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions are reserved. The contractual agreement is expressly decisive.