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The multifunctional Hoftrac

Compact design, low centre of gravity, tight turning radius and powerful performance – these features have characterised the Weidemann Hoftrac or farm loader lines of products for years and still determine the immense success of the machines. The Hoftracs and farm loaders effortlessly fulfil any work task and work quickly, flexibly and safely – a Hoftrac or farm loader is simply always ready for use.

Products Engine performance (max.) Operating weight (standard) Tipping load with bucket - machine straight Total width
1140 Basic Line
1140 Basic Line »
17.9 ( 24 ) 1,630 664-846* 850 mm
1140 »
17.9 ( 24 ) 1,630 664 850 mm
1160 »
18,4 ( 25 ) 1910-2250* 905 1,044 mm
1160 eHoftrac
1160 eHoftrac »
2,350 1,348 1,044 mm
1280 »
24.6 ( 33 ) 2380-2550* 1,174 / 1445* 1,044 mm
1390 »
18,4 (25) 3,000 1610-2100* 1,044 mm
1880 »
45 (61) 3,400 2,086 1,214 mm

Your Weidemann Hoftrac or farm loader: With customised equipment. Built appropriate to need.

The Hoftrac or farm loader base models offer you the starting basis for a tailored-to-suit outfitting of your machine. With our lower priced entry models, you receive the ability to freely configure your Hoftrac or farm loader: Choose from among the numerous options the ones that you need for your application. You can rest assured that your Hoftrac or farm loader corresponds entirely to your individual needs. Your advantage with the Weidemann Hoftrac or farm loader concept: With our Hoftrac and farm loader lines of products, you only pay for what you really need. For it is not a multitude of models that decides which problem solutions are optimal, but rather the individual machine equipment for each area of use. When combined with the right attachments, our Hoftracs and farm loaders become highly functional multi-tools that can fulfil any application.

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