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Details on wheels and width dimensions

The indicated dimensions may vary by up to 25 mm due to tolerances of the tyre manufacturers. The right grip for every application! The standard configuration offers the choice between AS and EM profiles.

AS profiles are used primarily in agriculture. They are especially well suited to slippery ground. They offer long operating life and support the transmission of large thrust forces. Excellent driving comfort and the self-cleaning effect ensure operating safety.

EM profiles are used primarily in construction. They show their ability particularly in high thrust force transmission on loose surfaces such as sand, gravel or crushed stone. They provide a larger contact area. A big plus is the driving comfort on stony, rocky and consolidated surfaces. The great stability can be further increased by filling all types of tyres with water.

Details on tipping load permissible payload (ISO 8313)
on even ground = 80% of the tipping load when articulated
on uneven ground=60% of the tipping load when articulated

Data on lifting force according to DIN 24094
The lifting forces indicated refer to DIN 24094.
The lifting force is the minimum force acting vertically upward in the gravitational centre of the payload that the loader achieves across the entire lifting path.

Data on break-off force according to DIN 24086
The break-off force is generated by the tipping cylinder. The line of action passes through the tooth tip and is applied vertically to the connecting line between the shovel pivot point at the load arm and the tooth tip. The nominal value of the break-off force is achieved when the tipping cylinder produces the maximum moment around the shovel pivot point at the load arm.

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