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These options make you the expert.

Ergonomic working through professional tool insert.

A separate 4th control circuit that is independently and individually operated (front and rear possible):


The vehicle is equipped with a dual-acting auxiliary control circuit.

Benefit: Allows the use of hydraulically activated attachments with several connections and functions (e.g. a snow blower).

High Flow

The vehicle is equipped with high flow volume flow increase and two control lines.

Advantage: Allows the driving of front attachments with separate oil engine drives, which require an increased demand for hydraulic power (e.g. for snow blower).

Electrical connection (Front and rear)


Connections for electrically operated attachments or attachments with additional functions (such as road sweeper with water spraying device).

Benefits: This makes the operation of electrically-driven attachments possible. This makes it possible to switch over from attachments with hydraulically activated functions.

Quick-connect couplings (Faster)


A coupling where you can connect several hydraulic hoses with one motion, even under pressure.

Advantage: Significant time savings when coupling tools.

Proportional control

High performance hydraulics with proportional control. With this option, the 3rd control circuit and the telescopic function are proportionally controlled.

Benefits: Sensitive operation of the 3rd control circuit and the telescopic function. Shortening of the loading times and therefore an increased economic efficiency.

Hand inching


With the low-speed control, very slow travel speeds can be achieved at a constant engine speed.

Advantage: When using attachments that, for example, are operated with a constant high rpm but simultaneously with a very low travel speed (e.g. a road sweeper), you do not have to constantly operate the foot inching pedal.

Separate oil cooler


Additional oil cooler for applications with attachments that require a high hydraulic power density (e.g. a mulcher).

Advantages: The hydraulic oil is cooled better. Longer application times are possible.

Load vibration suppression (from 13-series)


The load vibration suppression absorbs and cushions oscillations from the loading system and load during transport.

Advantages: Improved driving comfort and increased driving safety. Higher travel speeds are possible with simultaneously less stress on the machine.

Air-suspended, heated comfort-seat


The ergonomically favourable position can be set for any driver type and size.

Advantages: Driver fatigue only occurs later after prolonged use. Long-term investment in the driver's health.

Engine pre-heating


Cold-start help for temperatures below -5°C. Heating elements heat the coolant according to the principle of gravity (warm liquid rises, cold liquid falls).

Benefit: Easy starting of the engine at low outdoor temperatures.

Air conditioning system (available from 2070)


The vehicle is equipped with an air conditioning system.

Advantages: Comfortable working at high outdoor temperatures. Increases cleanliness and the well-being in the cab by filtering the indoor air. No fogged up windows during winter use.

Geschwindigkeitserhöhung auf 30 km/h

Das Fahrzeug wird mit der Geschwindigkeit von 30 km/h ausgerüstet.

Vorteile: Schnelleres Umsetzen der Maschine möglich. Zeitersparnis und erhöhte Wirtschaftlichkeit.