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Weed brush

Weed brush
Weed brush in use
Weed brush-thumb
Weed brush in use
  • Ideal for the environmentally friendly removal of weeds from pavement, joints and roadsides
  • Pneumatic-tyred supporting wheel, pendulum compensation 100 mm
  • Tilt adjustment 20°
  • Broom diameter 700 mm
  • Low-wear steel bristles

Prerequisite: 3rd control circuit
Recommendation: Notch for joystick

Attachment available for
1140, 1160, 1260LP, 1280, 1390, 1880
2080LP, 2080, 3080LP, 3080
2080LPT, 2080T, 3080LPT, 3080T, 4080LPT, 4080T

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