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Large gritter, 300 l

Large gritter, 300 l
Straßenstreuer groß (300l) im Einsatz
Large gritter, 300 l-thumb
Straßenstreuer groß (300l) im Einsatz
  • Spreader for spreading de-icing salt, salt-gravel mixtures and grit
  • Mechanically adjustable spreading amount
  • All metal parts made of stainless steel

Prerequisiteen: hydraulic connection in rear - dual acting; Mounting bracket or three-point rear tool holder

Attachment available for
2080, 3080LP, 3080, 4080LP, 4080, 5080 
2080T, 3080LPT, 3080T, 4080LPT, 4080T, 5080T
T4512, T5522

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