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Sweeper model 30

Sweeper model 30
Weidemann sweeper model 30 in application
Sweeper model 30-thumb
Weidemann sweeper model 30 in application
  • Ideal for cleaning courtyards, streets, bicycle paths, parking lots, etc.
  • Sweeping roller made of polypropylene, Ø 600mm
  • Dual system (dirt-collecting and also free-sweeping)
  • Roller levelling for optimal ground adaptation
  • Individually adjustable brush roller contact pressure through variable adjustment of the brush roller by means of handwheel / crank

Prerequisite: 3rd control circuit
Recommendation: Notch for joystick

Attachment available for
2080LP, 2080, 3080LP, 3080, 4080LP, 4080, 5080
2080LPT, 2080T, 3080LPT, 3080T, 4080LPT, 4080T, 5080T
T5522, T6027

Brush roller Ø 600mm PPN / steel or spiral segment trimming
water spraying device (200l)
Hydraulically activated side brush (with water spraying device)
Hydraulically activated swivelling unit
Lighting according to StVZO
Flag holder, including warning flags and warning marking

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