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imp – Intelligent Multifunctional Partner

remote-controlled, partially automated, fully automated

Automation steps according to the VDMA definition

  • Operator only
    The operator has complete control of the system
  • Partially automated
    The system takes over special tasks and the operator supervises
  • Highly automated
    The system takes over operation with some intervention by the operator
  • Driverless – independent
    The system takes over operation completely

What does Weidemann hope to achieve with the imp?

The imp is a concept study, which picks up where the original Hoftrac reflections (Reducing the workload in agriculture) left off and transfers them to the modern world of work. Fundamentally, this is about making life easier for the user by employing technology in his work. With the study, we are looking at what is possible with modern automation systems.

Who is taking part in the study?

This is a collaborative project by Weidemann GmbH with the Chair for Agricultural Systems of the Technical University of Munich and Innok Robotics, Regensburg.

In what direction is development at Weidemann heading?

Automation is already making a gradual entry into the world of machines. The iTrac system built into the imp is used to automate the machine. The aim is to use this system in future in our Hoftracs as well.

What is iTrac?

iTrac is Weidemann’s automation system. It allows the operator to use his machine in various automation steps. The “Remote Control”, “Track” and “Independent Working” steps are being tested in the imp study.

Why has Weidemann initiated this study?

Weidemann has set itself the target of always being one step ahead in development. We want to use the imp study to set the start point in the direction of automatic working and enter into a dialog with our customers.

imp facts

  • Tractive force: 1,600 kg
  • Net weight: 250 kg
  • Load: 220 kg
  • Speed: Max. 7 km/h
  • Running time: 2 to 5 hours (dependent on load)
  • Dimensions: 1,200 x 820 x 955 mm (L x W x H)
  • Laser scanner: 270° LiDAR sensor