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Daily helpers for any work task


Working in nurseries is greatly facilitated by Weidemann machines. The efficient use of space with a narrow layout represents a particular challenge here. Many work processes that traditionally are done by hand or with a wheelbarrow or dollies can thus be taken over by using our compact designed machines.

It all comes down to making the right decisions when acquiring new machines. For decades, Weidemann machines have been successfully used in nurseries and greenhouses, which depend on small machine dimensions and turning radii. In addition, the machines have optimal traction, even on uneven terrain. The perfect combination of man, machine and tool has top priority at Weidemann. The sophisticated product range is convenient, safe and economical at the same time.

Multi-tool idea


Your Weidemann machine becomes a true all-rounder with a variety of different attachments. They can be used in many different areas: Transporting with pallet forks or buckets, planting work, maintenance work of medians and paved surfaces and much more can be easily taken care of with these machines.

Mobile work


Simply drive to your client: you can transport the small series on a trailer so that you can perform tasks at various application areas, such as in parks and gardens, cemeteries or in the city centre area. Their mobility and multi-functionality make our machines unique.

Working ergonomics


In the development of the Weidemann machines, working ergonomics plays a crucial role – with spacious canopies and cabins with ideal all-round visibility, through operator's controls that are easily accessible and largely self-explanatory, even for changing operators. The working environment in our cabins is excellent, thanks to an efficiently working heating and ventilation system. For particularly hot outdoor temperatures, we recommend the air conditioning.

And most importantly: we are always nearby – our numerous technically capable distributors are happy to advise you – take advantage of our performance potential.