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The specialists for the corn silo


Weidemann machines are widely used in agriculture – what could be more natural than its application in biogas plans, which has become nearly a matter of course in recent years. If a machine is already on the farm, you certainly like to utilize its full potential and, with the right attachments, the operations for biogas plants can be covered as well.

Thanks to the promotion of renewable energy, the construction and operation of biogas plants is now widespread – for many farmers, it is a good source of additional income in addition to the agricultural focus of the operation.

A powerful wheel loader or telehandler is already ideal for use when constructing biogas plants. The daily filling of the plant and the removal from the corn silo can be easily taken care of with a machine of the suitable size. As a multi-tool, the machines can also be used when cleaning fortified silos, for transporting canvases and loading materials as well as for other maintenance work "on the plate".

Our manufacturing is always a step ahead of cutting technology. Innovation from tradition, that's our motto. The high processing quality of our machines means investment protection, high load-carrying capacity and pays off in the long run: long service life, low operating costs and high value retention.

And most importantly: we are always nearby – our numerous technically capable distributors are happy to advise you – take advantage of our performance potential.