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The Hoftrac – the original: A machine that writes the history!

The manoeuvrable and powerful helper on the farm convinces its end users, even decades after its initial presentation. From the first prototypes that were conceived of as simpler three-wheel loaders, a small, articulated joint wheeled loader came of age in 1972, which its developer gave the modern name “Hoftrac®”. With the start of production in 1974, the “Perfect 130” then became the cornerstone of a true success story in agricultural machinery: While the sales numbers for tractors were clearly declining during this time, the Hoftrac opened an entirely new market segment for Weidemann and its dealers and, as a result, the entire agricultural industry.

The success story of this universal machine tells of inventive genius and the tireless will to always go with the times and the changing requirements. In the Weidemann history, the Hoftrac was the jump start for dynamic growth. The small agricultural equipment business in Hessian Diemelsee Flechtdorf became Central Europe's leading manufacturer of Hoftracs, wheeled loaders and telehandlers for agriculture, the equine industry, the forestry and timber industry, municipalities, nurseries, industry and biogas plants.

The first Hoftrac
Production start of the "Perfect 130"
Hydrostatic all-wheel drive – 02 series
900-series – 9 different base models
First enclosed cab on a Hoftrac.
1000-series – 25,000 machines are produced
First tiltable driver's seat – 11-series, 12-series and 13-series
Hoftrac with canopy under 1.90 metres
The CX series is presented
eps innovation (Easy Protection System)
40-year anniversary of Hoftrac
New Hoftrac Concept
Milestones of agricultural technology
The new and innovative eHoftrac launches on the market
Until today ...